285 x 270mm

Cellular Vase - Blue Murrine


Drawing on inspiration from plants and leaves, Stephen Bradbourne continues his enquiry into organic pattern with this exquisite piece.


140 x 305mm

Cellular Vase - Green Murrine


In this green murrine vase, Stephen Bradbourne creates pattern reflecting the cellular construction of the plants and leaves all around us.


170 x 405mm

Pale Thread Study


Stephen Bradbourne's 'Thread Study' series sits alongside an exploration of Murrine techniques.  

190 x 335mm

Seamed Pot - Burnt Umber


This stunning umber pot is the result of Isaac Katzoff’s intuitive response to glass and the glass-blowing process.

170 x 195mm

Seamed Pot - Vermillion


Using simple glass-blowing techniques, Isaac Katzoff celebrates glass and colour in this vibrant vermillion pot.

215 x 190mm

Mosaic 2 (2022) - Green


Drawing on inspiration from abstract, organic patterns, Stepen Bradbourne celebrates the natural world with this elegant mosaic bowl.

120 x 245mm

Patchwork Cylinder (2022) - Browns


This stunning vase is made up of intense murrine patterns, celebrating the layers of the landscapes all around us.

205 x 230mm

Seamed Pot - Tangelo


In this striking tangelo pot, Isaac Katzoff explores the potential of colour and its interaction with glass.  

205 x 280mm

Seamed Pot - Mahogany


In this seamed pot, Isaac Katzoff explores mahogany as a colour, from rich dark brown in the bands to light, delicate tones throughout the body.

230 x 215mm

Mosaic 1 (2022) - Green


Stephen Bradbourne explores the occurrences of pattern in the organic world in this stunning mosaic vessel.


125 x 458mm

Thread Study (2022) - Browns


Stephen Bradbourne draws on inspiration from weaving and textiles to create this complex, captivating piece.

170 x 295mm

Seamed Pot - Scarlet


Using deep seams that double as the structural bones of this piece, Isaac Katzoff examines the potential of scarlet as a colour and its relationship with light and glass.

100 x 175mm

Patchwork Bottle (2022) - Browns


In this patchwork bottle, Stepehn Bradbourne draws inspiration from landscape to create complex murrine patterns.

195 x 220mm

Seamed Pot - Amber


In this amber pot, Isaac Katzoff works with the material, creating elegant structural seams that explores the relationshipbetween colour and glass.