At Monmouth, we regularly collaborate with other designers and craftspeople who share our love of making stuff.


Courtney Petley is a Tāmaki based woodworker who uses reclaimed native timbers to make stunning utensils and other immaculately hand-carved wooden objects.

Stephen and Courtney connected at the Cross Street Markets in 2019 and together developed the concept for the Balanced Lamp. The Balanced Lamp is a celebration of the subtle beauty in the handmade. The base of the Balanced Lamp is carved by Petley, using Tōtara piles from a railway shed in Morrinsville that was built in the late 1800s. The offset glass globes are hand-blown in Monmouth’s Waitākere studio.

In 2021 we collaborated with Courtney again on Petley x Monmouth Kitchen, a limited range of vessels to pair with Petley objects: a bowl, a jar, and a small pouring dish. We also released a small number of new Balance Lamps in the same fresh colours: mustard, passata red, aubergine, and green apple.



In 2020 Monmouth collaborated with genius photography duo Pictvre, aka Tāmaki Makaurau creatives Veronica Crockford-Pound and Joseph Griffen.

Inspired by Robert Mapplethorpe’s luscious floral still lives, Pictvre captured Monmouth’s traditional olpe, gourd and pot forms in all their sensual materiality. This selection of vases are Monmouth favourites and highlight the studio’s extended exploration of the intrinsic physical and alchemical qualities of materials, and the application of ancient craft for everyday use.


Isadia is a floral design studio formed by the merging of Auckland based florists Isabel Johnston and Lydia Reusser.

To celebrate the beginning of their new venture working together Monmouth created a range of bespoke hand-blown glass vases for Isadia. The range, designed by Lydia and Isabel, captured Isadia’s intuitive and natural style; featuring soft colours and elegant forms that complement their unique arrangements.


Thom Morison is an incredibly talented menswear designer based in Tamaki Makaurau. His timeless pieces are made up of simple lines yet sophisticated with individuality and charm.

2022 brought together Monmouth x Thom Morison, a stunning collaboration designed to celebrate the nostalgia that comes from a 1960’s summer, sipping your drink of choice while lounging by the pool side.

The monmouth glassware was created to complement Thom’s simple yet ageless style of menswear, mirroring his quality, feel, and look that is so carefully throughout with every piece he creates. Thom’s shirts  are all designed and produced in Aotearoa, using only the finest quality natural fibres.



The Plant Project Nz is one of Aotearoa’s top indoor plant specialists, on a mission to bring a love of nature and design into your home with beautiful, quality plants and accessories.

Made solely from recycled glass, this collection was inspired by vessels commonly used throughout the indoor plant community. Functional yet beautiful, the multi-purpose design allows for this collection to be used in a variety of ways in your home; whether it is to nurture plant cuttings or display fresh blooms, the options are vast. Subtle and seemly understated, the colouration is the result of a melt made from a diverse range of colours from our studio waste product, with each vessel being hand-blown by our skilled artisans who create each piece to be as perfect as it is individual.